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Dewolf Slave Traders Of Rhode Island - The Ultimate Female Domination Site!

Dewolf Slave Traders Of Rhode Island

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dewolf slave traders of rhode island


dewolf slave traders of rhode island

dewolf slave traders of rhode island

dewolf slave traders of rhode island

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The Ultimate Female Domination Site!

The Ultimate Female Domination Site!

She beat his ass as if he were a child, and he cried like a child! Then she strapped on a phony phallus and fucked him as if he were a woman. Still he took it all like a man until the pain became so intense that he began to beg, whimper and cry like a frightened little girl! Every minute when he isn t performing a task for his mistress, a male slave waits patiently at her feet. Often he ll even have to spend this little bit of free time kissing and licking her feet and constantly demonstrating to her that he is fully aware of one thing: That he is less than a dog in her site! Man must obtain orders from their mistresses to perform the most banal tasks. These lethal ladies show their lowly slaves that every aspect of their insignificant lives are totally under their control! A mistress teaches her slaves that it s better to live on their knees under her control, than to stand on their feet as free men without her! He can t believe he s allowed some bitch to take full control of him! It s just that one thing lead to another, and now that he was in this predicament he was discovering that he rather liked it! Being in complete control at board room meetings all day had giving him a secret sexual longing to have control taken from him! She spanks him like a kid, and he isn t sure what he did! Gain instant access and watch all the carnal carnage! He kissed her feet and licked her boot hungrily. He wanted to lick more of his mean mistress but this was as far she would allow him to go. She then ordered him to bend over while she paddled first the buns of his ass, then his low-hanging balls. She did this till he actually fainted! A male slave realizes he is NOTHING in the presence of his mistress. He bows and scrapes at her feet and gratefully thanks her for punishing him for every minor infraction! Male slaves live their lives more for their mistresses than themselves and would gladly endure the pain of a thousand floggings than to cause the women who own them a moment of displeasure! It s hard for men to give up control. It s even harder for them to give up control to a member of the so-called weaker sex . But here men are the weaker sex, and these savage seductresses constantly prove it! He screams and cries and she whips his thighs! High quality images bring the bitch s brutality to life! She whips him until he faints, waits for him to regain consciousness, then whips him unconscious again! It was a vicious circle that the slave just loved. He loved losing consciousness if it was the pain inflicted by his mistress that was sending him tumbling into dreamland! Nothing she did to him could ever be brutal enough for him to change his mind!

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